Royal Wine Corp. announces the release of Bartenura Moscato in new 250-ml blue cans. The new cans will come in four-packs of 8.5-ounce cans, the equivalent of about 1.7 glasses of wine for each can. The new packaging format offers a convenient option for consumers’ enjoyment of the Bartenura Moscato when they might not want to open a full bottle, or in situations where glass could be an issue, it says. “We’ve been looking at alternate sizes and formats for alcohol packaging,” said Gabriel Geller, director of PR and manager of wine education for Royal Wine Corp., in a statement. “We’ve been working very closely with the winery and packaging facility to make sure the cans maintain the signature aroma, flavor and bubble that’s made Bartenura Moscato such a success. Consumers looking for the experience and outstanding value they’ve come to expect from Bartenura’s iconic blue bottle will not be disappointed.”