New York-based Brockmans Gin and its team understands the restaurant and bar community in the United States and around the world is struggling through the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bartenders and their families are dependent on tips as a primary source of income. As more and more restaurants, bars, stadiums and outdoor venues are shuttered, bartenders are seeking alternative sources of income to bridge the gap and stay engaged until their local establishments are, once again, open for business.

Throughout the month of May, Brockmans’ hashtag #MyBrocktail program is inviting bartenders to submit their best Brockmans Gin “Like No Other” Brocktail online. Entries will include an original cocktail name and a 15-60 second, step-by-step video posted on social media and tagged @BrockmansGin #MyBrocktail.

At the end of each week, Brockmans will select five bartenders to receive a $250 tip. Recipients will be notified on Friday afternoons and their inspired Brocktails will be showcased for all to enjoy and share on Brockmans website and social platforms.

“Our neighborhood bartenders are the backbone of the on-trade cocktail business and have been instrumental in building Brockmans Gin into the brand it is today,” said Guy Lawrence, Brockmans Gin managing director, in a statement. “We are grateful for their tremendous support and want to show our appreciation by offering them a way to stay connected, have some fun and perhaps earn a tip during this difficult time.”