The maker of 101 Cider House, Mark McTavish, and founder of Vega, Brendan Brazier, announce the release of Pulp Culture, a new brand of functional alcohol beverages. Pulp Culture has launched what they call function-first formulas of Hard Pressed Juice in four varieties: Think, designed to boost brain power and energy; Hustle, for pre-exercise; Restore, for cleansing; and Relax, for unwinding, the company says. The hard juices contain hangover botanical adaptogens, 6 billion CFUs probiotics in each can, zero sugar, are 99 calories, and are made using full-spectrum fermentation to create the 4.9 percent alcohol by volume beverage (ABV) beverage.

Pulp Culture, Los Angeles
Telephone: 323/352-3987
Distribution: Select markets, Online