In celebration of women and the strength they embody, Van Gogh Vodka has released a new female empowerment campaign: #GoghGirl. The company teamed up with artist Kate Worum to design its first limited-edition custom label for its signature 80-proof vodka. Based on the brand’s namesake artist, Worum’s design is an homage to Oleanders by Vincent Van Gogh.

The bottle also features the hashtag #GoghGirl on the bottle, which is meant to show support and encouragement to women. Van Gogh Vodka stated that it is committed to its strong female consumer base and wanted to pay homage to women everywhere by partnering with a female artist and bartender for the campaign. In addition, it is donating $1 for each bottle sold of this limited-edition offering to ArtTable, an organization dedicated to advancing the leadership of women in the visual arts.  

“I love to bring joy (to my work) just by bringing color and beautiful art that makes people feel good,” Worum said. “When I thought about designing the label, I sat down and looked through all of his paintings and when I came across the Oleanders painting, I knew that was one I just wanted to take an element of and then build off it.”

When asked what she wanted to accomplish with the design, she said, “I want [consumers] to walk into a store, see it on the shelf and say, ‘That needs to go on my bar cart.’"

Van Gogh Vodka Limited-Edition bottles are available in 750 ml sizes in limited quantities in select markets.