In live demonstrations at Pack Expo, Siemens showcased digital technologies like the digital twin and closed-loop innovation for the packaging industry. In the robotic zone, the company highlighted its robotic technology with a robot that handled goods of different sizes and from different positions. Using a cameral input to artificial intelligence (AI), object recognition is possible no matter the object position or orientation, the company says. AI, along with Industrial Edge Computing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is transforming the future of packaging automation and is enabling beverage manufacturers to be more agile and responsive to changes in the environment and the production process by optimizing sorting tasks with object recognition, inventory management, quality management and packaging, it says. Siemens Industrial Edge enables intelligent, high-performance data analysis directly within the automation system running on established standards like PLCs, DCS, SCADA. With Edge Computing, large volumes of data can be processed locally on the plant floor as it unfolds its full potential in combination with the cloud based analytics on the open IIoT operating system MindSphere. The benefits includes reduced storage and transmission costs for users, as large data volumes can be preprocessed with only the most relevant data being transferred to a cloud or IT infrastructure, the company says. Empowered by connectivity and artificial intelligence, companies also can remove repetitive tasks with higher levels of speed, accuracy, and consistency, it adds.

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