At Pack Expo, Krones Inc. is showcasing its equipment and technology solutions to support the entire supply chain in the brewing, beverage and food industries. Organized as the “House of Krones,” the manufacturer highlighted solutions for process technology, bottling and packaging equipment, intralogistics, digitalization and the entire lifecycle services of products. Among the equipment displayed is a new Krones ErgoModul Series Labeling system, which is comprised of three main machines, six table diameters, seven labeling station types and offers numerous options for combining individual elements, the company says. At a glance, the three main machines include a columnless machine with exchangeable labeling stations, a columnless machine with fixed labeling stations, and a table top machine with speeds as fast as 81,000 containers an hour, depending on the application.

Krones Inc.
9600 S. 58th St.
Franklin Wis. 53132