The Ardagh Group released lightweight aluminum cans thereby reducing its consumption of materials, minimizing its emissions and maximizing the sustainability of its products, it says. Ardagh has refined its manufacturing process and reduced the weight of its 33cl can by 7 percent, it says. This innovation also extends to its 44cl and 50cl lightweight cans, creating the potential to save 3.3 million hectoliters of water in Ardagh’s production process, and to cut overall carbon dioxide emissions by 28,000 tons, according to the company. The lightweight cans also offer the same customer benefits as standard cans: they run as quickly along the filling lines; they’re equally able to withstand the pressure of carbonated drinks; and though they measure just 0.09mm at their most slender, the walls maintain the cans’ column strength. The lightweight can also is 10 percent lighter, according to the company.

Ardagh Group
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