TEKLEEN Automatic Filters Inc. unveiled a new filters series: the CSF-ABW Tekleen Filters series. The high-quality 100 percent automatic self-cleaning water filtration system features two stages of cleaning in one filtration vessel. The first stage is a coarse screen flushing filter with a one-eighth-inch to one-half-inch slotted screen for quick self-cleaning, while the second stage is a fine filter with a screen down to 75µ. Because only a few moving parts are inside the CSF-ABW filters, the filters offer direct filtration from any type of 75μto one-half inch  of dirty water source including wastewater, dirty cooling water, river water and more. Standard features include line sizes of between two and 16 inches, a flow rate of 10 to 6,000 gpm, a screen opening of 75μ to one-half inch and design pressure of 40 to 150 psi. The product also can withstand temperatures as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit, a flush duration of four to 10 seconds and a flush volume of 4 to 400 gallons, the company says. The nine models in the series range from flange sizes of two with a maximum flow of 130 gpm and a weight of 150 pounds to a maximum flange size of 16, a maximum flow of 6,000 gpm and 1,800 pounds.

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