The GS-288-C is the latest industrial-grade self-cleaning filter from Spencer Strainer — a company that’s been producing a patented strainer for more than 25 years. The filter can continuously process flows as fast as 2,500 gpm without needing downtime for filter changes, because it doesn’t have any bags or elements. The elimination of bags or elements can help companies achieve their sustainability goals, the company says. The filter is made of 316-liter stainless steel and is a sealed device, so product will stay within the piping and out of the atmosphere. Spencer Strainer says these filters are “a reliable, cost-effective solution for many types of oil, acrylic, polymers, paint, biofuel, toothpaste, caulk, bath tissue, wastewater and more.” The product enters the strainer through an inlet, and the filtration process occurs from the outside in. Particulate that has been screened then accumulates within the canister and is purged through the bottom drain as necessary. The purged particles are then piped away for disposal, recycling or reuse. The company says the strainers are “suitable for aseptic operation and work well as pre-filters upstream of membranes, centrifuges and other fine filter media.” The GS-288-C has a 2 HP, three-phase motor, with Delrin stationary wiper blades.

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