LIFEWTR, premium water brand of Purchase, N.Y.-based PepsiCo, announced it is championing Art through Technology as its seventh design series.

As technology broadens the boundaries of possibilities within art and design, 92 percent of art organizations agree that technology has made art a more participatory experience, ultimately helping to diversify audiences, it says citing 2013 research from the Pew Research Center. In highlighting the impact of these emerging digital technologies, LIFEWTR Series 7 spotlights the works of three artists who are expanding upon the meaning of art by harnessing next-generation tools such as coding, data visualization, 3-D printing and enhanced reality.

The LIFEWTR brand's seventh series unlocks a new world of creativity and represents the latest step in delivering on the brand promise to support emerging artists and spark inspiration through the exploration of art and technology, it says. Shoppers nationwide now will have the opportunity to engage with augmented reality (AR) experiences and unlock a world of art at stores across the country. Through a QR code or by accessing, consumers will be able to bring bottle art to life and even capture immersive selfies to make images on their own, provided they have the Facebook app installed on their smartphone, according to the company.

In support of Art through TechnologyLIFEWTR continues to expand its footprint, and announced the launch of its product in Whole Foods Markets throughout Northern California, Florida and New England. Beginning this month, LIFEWTR will be available in Whole Foods Market stores across these markets.

"As art and technology become increasingly intertwined, Series 7 represents the future of art innovation and provides brand fans with a new lens through which to view the world," said Stacy Taffet, vice president of the water portfolio for PepsiCo, in a statement. "From LIFEWTR's recent in-room AR partnership with Marriott Hotels to our newest bottle designs and in-store AR experiences at Whole Foods and other retailers nationwide, we are excited to continue providing consumers with exciting new ways to experience art through technology."

Art through Technology celebrates the diverse perspectives of the following artists:

  • Andrew Benson (San Francisco Art Institute): Andrew Benson is a visual artist, animator and creative technologist living in Los Angeles. Describing his work as "untamed," Andrew's pieces combine a classic painter's approach with digital art to produce animated pieces and custom-made software and electronic devices. A former teacher at San Francisco Art Institute, Andrew's work has been shown internationally at screenings, festivals, museums, and galleries both on and offline. Shifting between fine art and performances, his career includes numerous collaborations with musical acts through videos, software and live visuals, most recently for Matmos and Aphex Twin.
  • Zach Lieberman (Hunter College; Parsons School of Design): Zach Lieberman is an artist and educator at the forefront of computer graphics and human-computer innovation. A graduate of fine art as well as tech and design, his work playfully utilizes technology to break down the barrier between the visible and the invisible, focusing on augmented reality and computer vision. Listed by Fast Company as one of the "Most Creative People," Zach's code-based artistic projects have won the Golden Nica from Ars Electronics and the Interactive Design of the Year from Design Museum London. See: 
  • Sara Ludy (School of the Art Institute of Chicago): Sara Ludy is a multi-media artist interested in exploring the connection between the real and virtual worlds. Through her work with video, sound, animation, virtual reality, websites, audiovisual performance and sculptures, Sara explores space and structure, as well as how everyday objects can be transformed to take on new meanings. Previous exhibitions include the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (Chicago), Berkeley Art Museum (California), Vancouver Art Gallery (Vancouver) and bitforms gallery (New York).

The Series 7 AR program further builds on Marriott Hotel's new in-room LIFEWTR AR experience, which debuted last year and allows guests to customize their hotel rooms through virtual LIFEWTR artwork. As part of the brand's ongoing global partnership as the Official Global Water and Emerging Program Partner for Frieze, LIFEWTR will showcase and celebrate the artists behind the series Art through Technology at the Frieze New York fair taking place May 2-5 on Randall's Island.

Since its inception, LIFEWTR bottles have featured the works of more than 20 diverse artists spanning seven series, including Public Art (Series 1), Women in Art (Series 2), Emerging Fashion Designers (Series 3), Arts in Education (Series 4), Art Beyond Borders (Series 5), Diversity in Design (Series 6) and Art through Technology (Series 7). Each new LIFEWTR design series serves as a canvas for emerging artists to showcase their art, inspire others and gain visibility and awareness.

New LIFEWTR Series 7 bottles now are available in the United States in four sizes: 20 ounce, 500 ml, 700 ml and 1 liter, as well as multipacks.