Pennington Distilling Co. announced that its Pickers Vodka has undergone a brand and packaging refresh. Berlin Packaging and design studio, Studio One Eleven, utilized a clear glass bottle that prominently features a messed guitar pick bearing the iconic three stars of Tennessee’s state flag near the bottle’s neck. To further reinforce the musical connections and influence, two sides of the bottle are embossed with the neck of a guitar, giving Pickers a unique look from nearly every angle, the company says. The new bottle was designed to distinguish itself from other premium brands while simultaneously paying tribute to Pickers’ hometown of Nashville and the musicians whose sounds fill the air. The flavored vodkas now are available in 1-liter and 750-ml bottles. Because of the brand redesign, distribution has expanded to 17 states nationwide, it adds. “Rebranding for us was an exercise in brand enhancement,” said Jeff Pennington, founder and chief executive officer of Pennington Distilling, in a statement. “Our well-established, premium product deserves premium packaging. Therefore, we decided to introduce a custom bottle and packaging for the consumer to enjoy our handcrafted vodka, proudly made in Nashville, Tenn.”