Symrise launched Code of Nature, a new positioning that offers taste solution platforms for food and beverage brands that strive to meet the demand for more nutritious, less processed food, while still delivering on flavor, it says. Only 100 percent natural ingredients, sourced from trusted people and places, find their way into Code of Nature solutions, the company says. Additionally, Symrise carefully selects its sources with an eye toward integrity, sustainability and care for the earth with a difference that customers can taste, see and feel. By combining a rigorous scientific approach with an ethical understanding of the moral code behind the modern diet, the company is developing unique, sustainable and economical products that taste authentic and honest, it says. “Today’s consumers want exciting sensory experiences that preserve their health and well-being. It’s about meaningful consumption,” said Emmanuel Laroche, vice president of marketing and consumer insights and global marketing leader for Symrise, in a statement. “Consumers want the ultimate taste experience. They want it to be more ‘tomatoey,’ more ‘chickeny.’ They want real food that’s made with the best natural ingredients that have been carefully sourced and prepared.”

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