At Brau Beviale, GEA and GEA VIPOLL presented their flexible, multi-functional beverage lines and targeted 360-degree approach with brewing technology to give end users added value and flexibility. The All in One monobloc filler provides rinsing, filling, seaming and capping with one filler that can fill as many as 3,000 to 20,000 bottles or cans an hour, depending on the filling medium and system. The machine features fast changeovers and can switch from PET to cans or glass bottles in about 20 minutes, the company says. With their “Filling Matters” motto, the companies’ multi-functional system offers varying degrees of filling flexibility, the companies say. In addition to filling glass, PET and cans, it can handle a wide variety of forms and various lid shapes for non-carbonated and carbonated beverages with hot- and cold-filling techniques. The craft beer sector also can benefit from the space-saving, flexible and sustainable solutions of the monobloc filler, the company says.

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