The GEA Group offers its flexible, multi-functional filler: the GEA Visitron Filler All-in-One. The versatile All-in-One can fill bottles, cans and PET containers on a single filler. The compact monobloc filler rinses, fills and caps products within a small production footprint and saves time during filling and format changeovers, as the machine can switch to handle different products and container formats within minutes, the company says. Featuring multi-functional elements, the rinser is equipped with universal grippers; the filler uses an electro-pneumatic filling valve and a single capping turret is able to accommodate different closure types. GEA’s multi-functional system offers varying degrees of filling flexibility. In addition to filling glass, PET and cans, it can handle a wide variety of forms and various lid shapes for non-carbonated and carbonated beverages with hot- and cold-filling techniques. The craft beer sector also can benefit from the space-saving, flexible and sustainable solutions of the monobloc filler, the company says.

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