Teledyne TapTone offers a new heavy-duty ram rejector to complement its existing line of rejecting and laning systems. The pneumatic rejector provides reliable rejection of as many as 2,000 containers a minute (product and application dependent). Available with a fixed stroke length of 3-, 1- or 0.5-inch, the rejectors require only a standard air supply and come complete with a filter/regulator. The device features an oil-free cylinder design with a NEMA 4X IP65 environmental rating, the company says. The rejector is actuated by a 24-volt reject pulse and is designed for tight production spaces. In addition, the rejectors can be conveyor or floor mounted and can withstand high-pressure wash down. Other design enhancements feature a heavier duty base plate and cover resulting in reduced vibration and quieter operation; a non-rotating cylinder for longer life and increased cycle counts, without the need for lubrication, the company says.

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