At BrauBeviale 2014, which will take place Nov. 11-13 in Nuremburg, Germany, KHS GmbH, Dortmund, Germany, plans to present a wide range of innovations and product improvements. The particular focus of its tradeshow booth will be on filling, keg and decorating technology, and KHS' comprehensive consulting and other services. Specific innovations include the following pieces of equipment and services:

Innofill Can DVD: In the filling-technology field, KHS will be exhibiting an electronicKHS Innofill Can DVDally controlled, volumetric filler for cans. The Innofill Can DVD can fill up to 120,000 0.1-1 liter cans in an hour with beer, mixed beer beverages, wine, sparkling wine, soft drinks and or water. in the system is suitable for beverage cans with capacities from 0.1 to 1 liter.

With the help of the Can+ low-pressure purging process used in the Innofill Can DVD, the oxygen pickup in 0.5-liter cans of beer can be reduced by up to 50 percent while the carbon dioxide values remain constant. Conversely, the carbon dioxide consumption can be reduced by up to 30 percent while the oxygen content remains constant. It also is possible to reduce both oxygen pickup and carbon dioxide consumption to match other beverage needs.

The machine also features a hygienic design, including an open design for its can-feed and discharge conveyors. The design has no front table and drives in the form of servomotors mounted in star columns or encased in stainless steel. The design also features star columns and a filler carousel connected by cross pipes without flanges in which cables and pipes are laid. It also includes filling valves that can be flanged to and removed from the valve support, and media feed through hygienic pantograph joints. The hygienic design results in reduced cleaning times and increased maintenance intervals, the company says. The associated water, energy and cleaning media costs also are minimized, and, therefore, system availability is increased, it says. Maintenance costs also are significantly reduced by the absence of many mechanical drive connections, it adds.

Another important feature of the filling system is the centering bell guide, which is implemented by means of expansion joints. This enables the mouth of the can to be sealed under aseptic conditions and prevents the need for permanent water lubrication of the filling valves.

Innokeg Combikeg: KHS’ fully upgraded Innokeg Combikeg compact keg-washing system can clean and rack 80 kegs an hour. Designed to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses in the brewing, soft drinks, mineral water, fruit juice and wine sectors, the Innokeg Combikeg now includes safety paneling, half-height doors to make it easier to keep an eye on the valves and sensors, and an additional caustic spray for removing the ink codes on keg fittings and on keg shoulders incorporated into the exterior washer.

The updated system also includes new seat valves and cup gaskets for the washing station that are designed to withstand chemicals and steam. In addition, the toro main drive has been updated from pneumatic to a servomotor that ensures soft acceleration and braking of the keg when changing stations, which enables the system to handle sensitive slim kegs and PETainer kegs.

Direct Print digital printing: Direct Print, KHS’ direct digital printing for PET bottles uses only UV inks, which have a low viscosity, dry in milliseconds, adhere very well to PET bottles, have a high opacity, can be overprinted, and ensure a brilliant color image with optical resolutions up to 1,080 by 1,080 pixels. Studies have confirmed that technology is suitable for use with foodstuffs and bottle-to-bottle recycling without restriction, the company says.

Bottles & Shapes service: At BrauBeviale, Packaging Designer Claudia Schulte will show visitors how the specific properties of a PET bottle can be combined with high-quality design through KHS’s Bottles & Shapes service and consultancy portfolio for the design and development of premium plastic bottles. Design tactics can be applied to PET bottles and caps as well as to the appropriate bottle decoration using KHS’ Direct Print printer. KHS Bottles & Shapes service also focuses on economic, ecological and functional aspects, including lightweighting options, of the packaging to an equal measure. The company also can simulate the designs as virtual packaging to show the final product and determine how it will perform under typical filling and handling conditions.

The new Plasmax+: KHS is expanding its Plasmax coating process to Plasmax+, which offers better long-term stability than the standard process and the ability to handle pH levels of 4.5 or greater, it says. Plasmax coatings are applicable in situations where the bottle material is subject to greater mechanical stress from high internal pressures, such as when being filled with a carbonated beverage, to offer a barrier effect for the material. The new technology can be retrofitted into existing InnoPET Plasmax machines.