Los Angeles-based Rosa Foods, the makers of Soylent, announced that two of its ready-to-drink flavors — Cacao and Cafe Vanilla — will now be offered in an 11-ounce Tetra Pak, as part of a four-count multipack. The new packaging will retail in both Walmart and Target, which will enable the brand to reach the masses at thousands of Walmart and Target locations, the company says.

"Offering single bottles via our retail partners was a significant step in expanding our availability to consumers. We've had great success in retail this year, gaining distribution in over 12,000 outlets to date and looking to pass the 15,000 mark by the end of 2018. With this fruitful expansion, we've been able to open the doors to develop a multipack, giving consumers the right package for the right needs in the right channels," said Melody Conner, senior vice president of sales, in a statement. "We're very excited to give our loyal users and new consumers a chance to access our products more conveniently than ever before."

This latest move stems from the demands of Soylent consumers, providing them with a sensible, pantry load item and delivering on the brand's promise of filling food voids, the company says. Understanding consumer behavior was paramount to launching this product, it adds. "Sixty percent of our users consume one to six bottles per week, so it was an opportunity for us to provide a new package type that filled a need state for both our retail partners and the consumers," said Andrew Thomas, vice president of brand marketing, in a statement.

Target and Walmart have been key supporters in Soylent's massive retail expansion and approximately 4,000 outlets will place Soylent four-count multipacks on shelves in the fourth quarter. The new packaging option was a direct result of the success of the current 14-ounce Soylent single serve as well as the need for a multipack take-home option in retail, the company says. The move will increase Walmart's availability from 450 to 1,900 locations and will launch Soylent in Target at 1,450 locations.