Sidel Inc. launched the EvoDECO system, a new labeling solution. The system creates and applies high-quality labels for a wide variety of beverage types and bottle formats, the company says. Designed for total flexibility, the equipment features 30 percent faster changeovers in 36 layout configurations, it adds. The most flexible labeling solution to date, the EvoDECO Multi offers a standardized carousel that can be equipped with up to four different labeling technologies: roll-fed, self-adhesive, cold glue and hot melt. This allows manufacturers to set up the machine for their labeling needs, as they can easily apply different formats of labels to different containers and packaging materials, including PET, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and glass in dimensions from 0.1- to 5-liter. The single machine operates at speeds ranging from 6,000- to-81,000 containers an hour and offers 98 percent efficiency with non-stop labeling, the company says. It also provides a lower total cost of ownership through reduced electrical consumption, maintenance time and optimized glue management, it states. In addition, the label application is carried out with a pad-to-pad transfer to support stable and accurate processing, even at high speeds. The reels auto-splicing system also can be activated at speeds as fast as 30,000 containers an hour resulting in improved productivity, the company says.

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