Gebo Cermex, a partner of the Sidel Group, introduced its newest robotic palletizer: CoboAccess Pal. The collaborative robot is designed for low-speed applications and to help companies embrace Industry 4.0 opportunities. Designed to handle regular slotted container and wrap-around blanks and to complement low-speed production lines, the ultra-compact, fenceless palletizing cell meets the needs of demanding production environments, improves working conditions and enables operators to handle more value-added tasks, it says. The solution uses a combination of PC and PLC interfaces to ensure precise, better-controlled cobot trajectories, leading to greater pallet quality, stability and transportation through the supply chain. In addition, the CoboAccess Pal allows for immediate restarting of the machine in case of potential problems or emergency stops, minimizing downtime. The automation platform also maximizes safety since case handling always is performed above the conveyor or the pallet station, the company says. The gripping tool, made from foam, is designed to soften its surfaces when in contact with workers and to prevent injuries during maintenance interventions, it adds. In addition to conforming to high safety standards, CoboAccess Pal maximizes uptime through the use of a new user-friendly HMI-based interfaced with an intuitive tablet approach navigation. Available via the HMI, the Pal designer configuration and simulation tool allows full pallet management with the ability to modify, simulate and create pallet patterns autonomously, in less than two minutes, it says.

Gebo Cermex
5-7 Rue du Commerce, 67116 Reichstett
Corcelles-lès-Cîteaux, France