Los Angeles-based company, Kickback Cold Brew, announced the launch of a new flavor of its Cannabidiol (CBD) infused cold brew tea and coffee beverages. Just Peachy. Each beverage is comprised of organic and vegan single-origin ingredients, along with organically extracted CBD, the company says. Just Peachy is a black tea-based beverage with peach, ginger, and honey, it adds. Along with the release of Just Peachy, Kickback Cold Brew released two other new flavors: Matcha’cha, a matcha based drink with almond milk, monk fruit sweetener and CBD; and Coffee Date, a cold brew coffee with coconut milk and Tunisian date syrup. Kickback cold brew products are available at select locations in Southern California, and through the company website, for a suggested retail price of $7.99.


Kickback Cold Brew, Los Angeles

Internet: www. kickbackcoldbrew.com

Distribution: Select markets

Ingredients: Filtered water, organic peach tea, organic honey, naturally extracted hemp, naturally extracted hemp terpenes