Crazy Water introduced new glass bottle packaging for its Crazy Fizz and Crazy Water bottled waters. Bottled since 1881, the new Crazy Water glass package blends the nostalgia of the Crazy Water Days with more modern demands, the company says. The glass includes an “Infused by Mother Nature” embossment. Crazy Fizz is a new sparkling mineral water that was introduced in May 2017, but was originally bottled in the 1930s, the company says. “Our customers like Crazy Water because it isn’t over-manipulated and the minerals are infused by Mother Nature,” Owner Carol Elder said in a statement. “Glass protects this unique quality and taste, keeps it colder, and simply makes it look awesome on the dinner table. Our No. 1 request from consumers was to have a glass option, and packaging in glass lets our customers know we care and listen.”