Hotshot Coffee, as seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” was founded by entrepreneur Danny Grossfeld to bring consumers hot coffee in a can. The cans are heated in a patented HotBox, designed to keep the coffee at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Coffee lovers literally can “grab and go” when it comes to getting a can of hot coffee as opposed to waiting in lines at the coffee shop or cafeteria. Additionally, the recyclable aluminum packaging is more environmentally friendly versus contributing to the mountain of single-serve, plastic cups clogging landfills, the company says.

Grossfeld came to the Hammer Packaging team with a challenge: how to keep the coffee in the can warm while keeping consumers’ hands cool. Additionally, the co-packer’s application equipment for the label required the use of a roll-fed, pressure-sensitive solution, further narrowing options. Lastly, the material and adhesive also would have to withstand the constant 140-degree temperature of the HotBox, all while delivering a base for high-quality graphics.

The Hammer team, representing all areas of the process from technical to materials, prepress to sales, brought its decades of experience to the table to analyze the project step-by-step and brainstorm the best solutions.

To address the issues of insulation and handling, Hammer chose an 8-mm MD shrink mono-web foam, designed to keep the liquid inside of the can warm, while the outside of the can remained cool. The innovative solution of marrying a foam substrate to a pressure-sensitive construction provided the best results for adhesion to the can and ease of application through the co-packer’s roll-fed machinery, it says.

The porous properties of foam material often negatively affect ink holdout, particularly in areas of heavy coverage. To provide HotShot with the best reproduction of the label graphic, UV Flexographic technology was used with high-definition plates. The ink remained smooth and sharp on the surface of the substrate and held the graphics and highlights nearly flawlessly, the company says.

“The Hammer team took a nearly impossible challenge and nailed it,” Grossfeld said. “Their insulated label solution is nearly as unique as the hot canned coffee it protects. HotShot will change the way we drink coffee, and thanks to the Hammer team, we’ll look and taste great while doing so.”

Hammer’s multi-functional team proposed a unique label solution, which delivers the necessary insulating properties for the success of this product without compromising the attractive graphic design of the cans, it says. Hammer’s strong partnership with Grossfeld and the HotShot team fueled the company’s drive to find the perfect solution for the groundbreaking product, it adds.