Decennial celebration

With its new sleek, tall look, Watt-Ahh is ready to move with individuals who want energy and hydration on-the-go, the company says. The slimmer liter-sized bottle can fit in cup holders and gym bags. Each Watt-Ahh bottle sports a transparent flexo label with dramatic shades of blue and the brand’s iconic lightning bolt. “We cannot think of a better 10th anniversary gift for our customers than to offer a more attractive and convenient bottle that matches the premium product inside,” AquaNew Chief Operating Officer Dana Gourley said in a statement. “Like other beverage companies, we sell to both brick-and-mortar stores and through; however, our main business channel is different. It has emerged that we mainly ship high volumes of Watt-Ahh (over 600 bottles at a time) directly to customers who want a six-month or more supply for healing energy and recovery from vigorous exercise.” The newest liter bottles rolled off the new assembly ramp on July 12. One-quarter of the first production was sold in advance to customers who were willing to wait a couple more weeks for the new bottle.


Expanding options

Geloso Beverage Group’s Clubtails brand expanded its product offerings with the launch of six of its best-selling “cocktails in a can” in 24-ounce cans. Previously, Clubtails only were available in 16-ounce cans and six-packs of 11.2-ounce glass bottles. Clubtails’ new 24-ounce can size is available in six flavors: Bahama Mama, Sex on the Beach, Sunny Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea, Strawberry Colada and Screwdriver. The new 24-ounce Clubtails cans began shipping immediately and became available in convenience stores where Clubtails traditionally have been sold. “Clubtails continues to be among the fastest-growing brands in the flavored malt beverage category,” Geloso’s U.S. Business Director Paul Rene said in a statement. “It’s our goal to continue to offer our distributors the products, flavors and expanded SKUs to meet the needs of their beverage retailers, who are, in turn, meeting the needs of their customers. Consumers love the taste, convenience and cost offered by our Clubtails brand as evidenced by a brand growth of more than 50 percent versus last year. This is an opportunity to compete in a popular size offered in many of our national markets while also gaining greater in-store and shelf visibility to expose the great taste of Clubtails to new customers.”


Patriotic return

Budweiser reintroduced its America packaging this summer. Since 2011, when Budweiser unveiled its first stars and stripes can, the brand has “raised a cold one” to summer in celebratory fashion, the company says. Budweiser America packaging is available in 16-ounce bottles and 12-ounce aluminum cans through the end of September.


Urban appeal

Hennessy announced urban artist JonOne as the designer of the 2017 Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition bottle. The limited-edition bottle by JonOne, which features a colorful and vibrant design, is the seventh in an ongoing series of collaborations between Hennessy V.S and internationally renowned artists, the company says. JonOne’s design features layer upon layer of freestyle splashes of color, intermixed with Hennessy’s own imagery, echoing the complex layers of flavors and aromas created during the Cognac blending process. The result is a final work that captures the spirit of the artist and gives a nod to the transmission and legacy of Hennessy, the company says. The design appears on a limited run of flagship 750-ml Hennessy Very Special bottles with a suggested retail price of $35. A special deluxe gift edition also is available featuring a 1.75-liter bottle decorated with JonOne’s iconic tag and Hennessy iconography. Encased in an over-sized paint can that was inspired by the artist’s studio and creative inspiration, the gift edition is available for a suggested retail price of $200.


Legendary packaging

Corona Extra announced the launch of its 2017 limited-edition “Legends” bottles. For the fifth consecutive year, Corona released specially wrapped, collectible 12-ounce bottles featuring six boxers. Corona Extra’s limited-edition boxing bottles are available in collectible 18-packs nationwide and feature top legends such as Roberto Duran, Manos de Piedra; Thomas Hearns, The Hitman; Wilfredo Gomez, Bazooka; and Juan Manuel Marquez, Dinamita, as well as PBC fighters Deontay Wilder (Heavyweight World Champion) and Errol Spence (Welterweight Champion). “Corona is proud to continue to support our consumers and their love of boxing for the fifth year in a row with the launch of these collectible bottles,” said John Alvarado, vice president of Corona Extra, in a statement. “As the No. 1 brand associated with boxing, we’re excited to take our Legends program to the next level by offering consumers the chance to take their boxing experience up a notch with the Legends Sweepstakes and look forward to hosting the winners in Las Vegas for Fight Night later this year.”