7UP, a brand of Plano, Texas-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group, announced its partnership with Trisha Yearwood, the three-time Grammy Award-winning country star, New York Times best-selling cookbook author and host of the Emmy-winning “Trisha's Southern Kitchen” on Food Network. Just in time for summer, Yearwood and 7UP have paired to create new recipes to enhance the ultimate summer bash.

Since her first cookbook in 2008 through her subsequent expansion into a range of hospitality and home-focused lines, Yearwood’s Southern hospitality is rooted in her belief that home is where the heart is.

Similarly, 7UP, a beverage staple since the 1920s, is beloved by people who are enjoying time with others at home, the company says. It's regularly used as a mixer in cocktails and mocktails and can even be used in food dishes as a replacement for baking soda. The carbonation helps baked goods rise and creates a light and fluffy texture, according to the company. It also can be used in meat marinades as it helps tenderize meat and promote caramelization, it adds.

With Yearwood’s easy-going approach, and the versatility of 7UP as a standalone beverage, mixer or cooking ingredient, the refreshing beverage brand and lifestyle maven knew that they were the perfect pair to bring people together this summer.

"Growing up in Georgia, I loved to watch my mother cook and learning her secrets. Now I have some secrets of my own — like using 7UP to make a marinade or in a cake. It can be used as an unexpectedly versatile ingredient," Yearwood said. "Then, of course, it's a perfect beverage as a mixer for cocktails."

Yearwood has developed creative summer recipes featuring 7UP, including 7UP Fizzy Lime Margarita and a Skinny version with fewer calories, as well as summer barbeque favorites like 7UP Teriyaki Chicken Skewers, 7UP BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders and 7UP Cherry Cake with Sour Cream Frosting. These recipes can be found on 12-packs of Regular, Cherry and Diet 7UP.

"We've always admired Trisha and felt synergy between her mission — creating delicious food for friends and family at home — and that of 7UP — a beverage staple for folks getting together with their friends," said Kevin Brandvold, director of marketing for 7UP, in a statement. "We're excited to work with her this summer to help teach folks new and easy recipes they can create and enjoy with friends and family."