Swire Coca-Cola USA, Draper, Utah, announced the completion of refranchising of territories in Oregon from Atlanta-based The Coca-Cola Co. This refranchising includes the acquisition of four sales and distribution facilities and one production plant in the state. Swire Coca-Cola’s operation of the territories commenced April 29.

The agreement builds on Swire Coca-Cola’s growing footprint in the United States. The company now operates in 13 western states. Prior to this purchase, Swire Coca-Cola had smaller territories in eastern Oregon. This deal increases Swire Coca-Cola’s workforce by more than 600 employees, the company says.

“Oregon’s economy continues to move forward and thrive,” said Ryan Deckert, chair of the Oregon Business Association, in a statement. “The expansion of manufacturing companies like Swire Coca-Cola and its 600 employees helps fuel our state’s economic diversity and success.”

Jack Pelo, chief executive officer and president of Swire Coca-Cola USA, added: “The completion of this acquisition of territory in Oregon is the latest expansion of our company. Over the last 36 months, our company will have almost quadrupled in size. I am very proud of our team’s management of this growth, while ensuring our customer service standards remain among the best in our industry. Our future is bright, and we look forward to providing the world’s most refreshing beverages to people across the West.”

Swire Coca-Cola USA is a part of the beverages division for Swire Pacific Ltd.