Carolina Global Brewing, Charlotte, N.C., announced the launch of its new, all-natural flavored malt beverage product line: Juicebar Cocktails. The new products combine fruits, vegetables and herbs into a ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail blend. The new line will be available in two flavors: Carrot Aloe Mango, which is 4.9 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), and Pineapple Lime with Cilantro, which is 4.7 percent ABV, the company says.

Beginning in May, Juicebar Cocktails will be distributed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Minnesota, New Jersey and Georgia, with placement in major retailers including Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Fresh Market, Sprouts and Harris Teeter, the company says. Juicebar Cocktails will be available packaged in six-packs of 12-ounce cans, which will have a suggested retail price between $9.99 and $10.99.

"Juicebar Cocktails is our version of 'clean and green' cocktails with all natural ingredients that you'll find at your local smoothie or juice bar,” co-founder Brian Myers said in a statement. “Fruit and vegetable juices, natural herbs and spices, lightly sweetened with natural sugar, and mixed with tasteless malt alcohol.”

This is Carolina Global Brewing's second brand series in the RTD segment, following its regional hit, Happy Juice, the company says.

"Our distribution and retail partners agree that the 'greenification' of non-alcoholic beverages is lacking in RTDs. There's room for all-natural brands like Juicebar Cocktails to gain market share. We made a great product with no artificial ingredients and our partners are excited to get it to market," co-founder Samuel Wilson said in a statement.

Co-founder DeAnthony Hill added: "Ironically, even with all the new brands and flavor offerings, the category is still in need of a serious shot in the arm. Consumers enjoy a growing selection of green, all-natural products everywhere in the store except RTDs. They're looking for more all-natural offerings that still taste great and fit into the ethos of a healthy lifestyle. I know this because I'm that customer as well. We're excited to work with retail buyers who celebrate the idea of change and see the enormous opportunity that Juicebar Cocktails provides to a growing customer segment.”