Heineken Light, a brand of White Plains, N.Y.-based Heineken USA, launched “Hypnotize,” its first TV commercial of 2017 in partnership with award-winning actor and brand spokesperson, Neil Patrick Harris. The new commercial kicks off a series of three spots, which showcase Heineken Light’s one-of-a-kind flavor through Neil’s signature wit and lighthearted humor, the company says.

In the spot, Neil Patrick Harris states that many think it is impossible to brew a great-tasting light beer as so many light brews lose their taste in the effort to cut calories; however, Heineken Light breaks these stereotypes through its unique use of the key ingredient: Cascade hops, which are commonly found in craft IPAs and known to be the best hops grown in the United States, it says. As the spot closes and with a beer in hand, Harris then quickly shifts to other “impossible” feats and makes an attempt to hypnotize viewers with a cold, signature green, Heineken Light bottle, it adds.

The new TV spot can be viewed here.

“I hardly think that anyone needs to be convinced to enjoy a delicious Heineken Light with their Cascade hops. But as I dabble in magic, I was happy to assist,” Harris said in a statement. “The camera man sure seemed to get it.”

Ralph Rijks, senior vice president of marketing at Heineken USA, added: “Most light beers are virtually interchangeable, but Heineken Light’s unique ingredient, Cascade hops, is what gives the beer it’s delightfully flavorful taste. As the ad boldly states, it may seem impossible, but by using the best hops in the United States, Heineken Light has become a true differentiator among other light lagers, with a great taste that can’t be argued.”

“Hypnotize” is the first of three 15-second TV commercials in Heineken Light’s 2017 Best Tasting Light Beer campaign. It will air through March across highly rated general market and Hispanic networks such as AMC, ESPN, FX, Comedy Central, Univision, NBC Universo and more. Digitally, the spot will be distributed via YouTube, Hulu, Roku and various other video platforms, it adds.