The start of a new year is a popular time in which people and businesses will reflect on what did and did not work in the previous year. For those involved in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, much attention is directed at the holiday shopping season. Whether it is consumables or non-consumables, these brands’ owners want to know not just what consumers are buying but also where.

Recognizing the value of path-to-purchase analytics, in November, Nielsen announced its latest platform: Nielsen Shopper Essentials Suite. The online platform provides clients with a complete and interactive view of shoppers across retail channels and categories, the market research firm says.

Focusing on three solutions — Store Choice Drivers, Category Shopping Fundamentals and Digital Shopping Fundamentals — Nielsen Shopper Essentials Suite is designed to help CPG manufacturers and retailers understand what drives consumers to specific stores, how they shop for different categories and what they are looking for online, it adds.

“With our comprehensive shopper insights we’re providing clients with the confidence to take swift, decisive action to cultivate business both online and offline,” said Hin-Lo Lau, Nielsen’s vice president of consumer and shopper analytics of the U.S., in a statement. “For manufacturers, this means you are equipped with the confidence to build stronger relationships with your retailer partners and win over shoppers. If you’re a retailer, it’s about growing your customer base through category activation in-store and digitally. Whether you are focused against millennials or other shopper cohorts, you’ll be able to seize opportunities to grow your business.”

As the competition increases, CPG companies and retailers that are willing to understand the modern-day consumers’ path to purchase will have more resources to empower them in 2017.