Timber Creek Distillery, Destin, Fla., launched a bourbon blending kit. The limited-edition gift set features a selection of 100 percent single-grain whiskeys and Timber Creek's Bourbon Blending Guide, allowing consumers to create their own bourbon blend.

Consumers can blend their own whiskey by using an innovative process pioneered by Timber Creek to create its handcrafted small-batch bourbon, it says. Each grain is individually milled, mashed, distilled, barreled and aged to make 100 percent single-grain whiskeys. Barrels are hand-picked and the whiskeys blended to create Timber Creek's unique bourbon flavor profile, the company says.

"Today's bourbon industry is dominated by a handful of large companies using mass production techniques that don't produce the same individual high-quality bourbon created by craft distilleries," said Camden Ford, president of Timber Creek Distillery, in a statement. "As a craft distillery, Timber Creek can experiment with new techniques and push the boundaries of innovation unlike large scale operations. Timber Creek is at the forefront of the craft spirits industry and is leading the way by offering new flavor profiles and new whiskey experiences to customers."

Timber Creek's Bourbon Blending Kit is comprised of the following single-grain whiskeys:

  • 750-ml bottle of 100 percent Florida corn whiskey
  • 375-ml bottle of 100 percent Florida wheat whiskey
  • 375-ml bottle of 100 percent Florida black rye whiskey
  • 375-ml bottle of 100 percent American single malt whiskey

"By leveraging tried-and-true techniques from the brewing and distilling industries and marrying those with a new approach and process for distilling, we are able to experiment with different flavor profiles and quickly bring distinct products to market while simultaneously focusing on quality," said Aaron Barnes, Timber Creek's master distiller, in a statement. "Timber Creek's objective is to bring big, bold, unique flavors to a new set of customers that want more than the low-cost, highly processed generic products for mass markets.  With the Timber Creek Bourbon Blending Kit, we are offering customers the opportunity to blend whiskey the way they want without being limited to what is found on the shelf."

Timber Creek's Bourbon Blending Kit will be available in limited release, with only 500 being produced.