Celebrating the city of Fort Collins, Colo. and its legacy of craft beverages, Fort Collins, Colo.-based Old Elk Distillery introduced Dry Town Vodka and Dry Town Gin. These high-quality spirits are the first products from Old Elk Distillery, an endeavor by Curt and Nancy Richardson, founders of OtterBox and Blue Ocean Enterprises. Production on the spirits started nearly three years ago, it says.

“I’ve long been fascinated by the distilling process and the bootlegger history during prohibition in Fort Collins,” said Curt Richardson, founder of Old Elk Distillery, in a statement. “I am excited to share my passion for distilling and the growing craft spirits industry by introducing Dry Town in our hometown of Fort Collins and across the Front Range.”

From 1896 to 1969, Fort Collins was a “dry town,” and locals relied on bootleggers for their libations, according to the company. Dry Town Gin and Dry Town Vodka are inspired by the outlaw spirit that surfaced during this 73-year alcohol ban, it adds.

Dry Town Vodka is crafted using a four-grain mash and left unfiltered to heighten the expression of the grains and maintain its distinctive finish, the company says. Each grain provides unprecedented taste: the earthy spice from the rye and silky soft texture from the wheat creates an elegant mouthfeel, while the corn provides sweetness and the hearty bread notes from the barley round out the flavors, resulting in a distinctive vodka, it adds.

Dry Town Gin starts with finished Dry Town Vodka, which is then distilled with fresh botanicals through a soak and vapor extraction. Juniper, orris root, orange, lime, angelica root, black pepper, ginger, lemongrass, French verveine and sage come together to give Dry Town Gin a smooth and refreshing herbal, piney, citrus-forward flavor, the company says. The craft distillation process allows for the extraction of each flavor in a way that best speaks to each botanical’s true character, it adds.

“With our roots firmly planted in Fort Collins, we appreciate the history of the 73-year dry town period and set out to capture the rebel spirit of those bootleggers in every bottle of Dry Town Gin and Dry Town Vodka,” said Bill Lovell, general manager at Old Elk Distillery. “For three years, we developed the unique recipes for each spirit, and we’re excited for our fellow Coloradans to enjoy these spirits in a martini, cocktail or sipped on the rocks.”

Dry Town Gin and Dry Town Vodka are available at retail stores, restaurants and bars across Colorado.