For the first time, 7-Eleven, Irving, Texas, is offering free coffee on Election Day (Nov. 8). The fifth quadrennial 7-Election Presidential Coffee Cup Poll officially ends Election Day, and 7-Eleven is closing out the day by giving away cups of fresh-brewed coffee, the convenience store company’s most popular proprietary beverage.

All size cups and flavors of hot beverages are free to consumers using the 7-Eleven mobile app, the company says. The free offer will automatically appear as a coupon each day in the "Scan and Save" section of the app at midnight Tuesday, Nov. 8. No purchase is necessary to receive a free, fresh-brewed cup of coffee, cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate at participating 7-Eleven stores. The free cup will count as a star in the 7Rewards ongoing "Buy Six Cups, Get the Seventh Cup Free" offer, it adds.

In every U.S. presidential campaign since 2000, 7-Eleven has conducted its popular 7-Election coffee cup poll. The campaign encourages customers to “cast their cups” by purchasing coffee in specially marked 7-Election cups. Coffee drinkers can choose from three premium extra-large Stay Hot cups: blue Democrat, red Republican, and, new this year, a nonpartisan, purple “Speak Up” cup. Customers can use the hashtag #7ELECTION to join the conversation on social media.

“This is our fifth 7-Election coffee cup poll, and the first Election Day to give this coffee-loving democracy a free cup of fresh-brewed coffee,” said Laura Gordon, 7-Eleven vice president of marketing and brand innovation, in a statement. “We invite customers to cast their last 7-Election vote before the polls close tomorrow.”

In each of the previous 7-Elections, 6 million cups (ballots) were cast, and results in each mirrored those in the real elections. Many consumers  chose the new Speak Up cup this year, but of those choosing blue or red, the Democrats have a slight lead heading into Election Day, the company says.

The new Speak Up cup encouraged customers to discuss or write in what's important to them this election season and share on social media with the hashtag #7ELECTION. And they weren't shy about sharing their views. In fact, the Speak Up cup was the clear winner in this year's 7-Election coffee cup poll.

“Independent” coffee-lovers wrote in third-party candidates or none of the above, or checked the boxes on the back of the cup for the environment, world peace and equal rights. Others added issues like affordable daycare and education, or encouraged people to register to vote. Some had fun with it, writing in such pressing concerns as phone screens that don't crack, better lighting for selfies and the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.

“Voters, particularly younger ones, aren't just talking about candidates or even political parties this election. They're taking to social media to talk about a variety of issues that are important to them,” said Jesus Delgado-Jenkins, 7-Eleven chief merchandising officer, in a statement. “The Speak Up cup lets people say and share what's on their mind.”