Segura Viudas, a Spanish Cava from The Freixenet Group, is pouring itself into the music world by collaborating with Electronic DJ, producer, vocalist and songwriter Anna Lunoe.

The two have teamed up to create an original track using the sounds of Cava, merging the sparkling wine’s history and flavor with Lunoe’s musical innovation and pure performance power, it says. Segura Viudas’ ad agency, República, created the branded video for the track titled “Sip It,” featuring Lunoe’s music coming to life while incorporating the Segura Viudas campaign, Open Up. The music video can be viewed on and will run throughout a 12-month program. Additionally, the artist and brand will be executing events together throughout the year.

“When we approached Anna to work with Segura Viudas, she was excited about the creative foundation of the project and the overarching campaign platform, Open Up,” República President Luis Casamayor said in a statement. “As we refined the concept, Anna had a very real creative impact and infused the spot with her own unique style which made it an exceptionally collaborative process."

This year, Lunoe made history as the first female solo artist to play the main stage at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), Las Vegas, in the 20 years the festival has taken place. Now, she is making history with Segura Viudas, producing the first-ever Cava filled track, released to the mainstream media on Sept. 5.

“One of my favorite ways to approach music is as a soundtrack to a feeling, mood or moment so this kind of project is really fun for me,” Lunoe said in a statement. “Once I had the sounds of the Cava, the track came together easily. I tried to make something bouncy, lighthearted and not too serious.”

This is the second time Segura Viudas has adventured into the world of music. Last holiday season, Segura Viudas produced a holiday commercial with indie rock artist Eleanor Friedberger playing the holiday classic “Auld Lang Syne” using flutes filled with Cava.