Heineken USA, White Plains, N.Y., announced the return of its Beers of Mexico variety pack, an all-in-one party solution that features limited-edition Dos Equis Azul joining Dos Equis Lager, Tecate and Sol to create a medley of taste experiences perfect for social gatherings and party occasions, the company says. Its newest limited-edition release, Dos Equis Azul, blends signature golden wheat lager and blue agave, it adds.

“Today’s consumers are seeking adventure and prefer brands that allow them to explore new tastes and styles and support their thirst for self-expression and individualism,” said Andrew Katz, vice president of marketing for Dos Equis, in a statement. “Just as every individual at a social gathering is unique, every beer in the pack has a personality. Our Beers of Mexico, ‘party in a pack,’ is a proven seller, offering something for everyone.”

To increase awareness and drive shoppers in-store, Dos Equis is utilizing digital and social media to direct consumers to the Beers of Mexico content hub, which features content for shopper engagement and guides to local off-premise accounts. Additionally, the hub provides retailers with branded content, toolkits for implementation and a platform to develop program extensions, the company says.

Once in-store, point-of-sale (POS) materials, including case stackers, display toppers, cooler decals, pallet skirts, price cards and tuck cards, increase consideration and purchase intent of the Beers of Mexico variety pack, according to the company.

“For retailers, the Beers of Mexico pack leverages the high-margin Heineken USA portfolio of Mexican brands while capitalizing on the variety pack format, an increasingly popular format that drives more dollars per trip than any other segment,” Katz added.

The Beers of Mexico variety pack is available in 12- and 24-packs of bottles and a 12-pack of cans.