Evian partnered with fashion designer Alexander Wang to unveil evian’s limited-edition bottle, which features Wang’s signature barcode logo on two contrasting bottles — one in black and one in white. The purity of evian water is emphasized through clean graphics and highlighted by the play of the lines on the bottles, the company says. Inspired by the purity of evian water, Wang used his logo in a new context on its glass bottle. The design is clean, simple and interacts with the dynamic reflections of water as a natural element, it adds. “In my approach to design, I have always had an un-precious outlook, focusing on the pieces that people wear every day, then tweaking them and elevating them to give a distinct point of view,” Wang said in a statement. “Evian water is something that is truly ‘every day’ yet precious by design. We used linear and strong graphics to give the brand’s iconic bottle our sensibility, and to create a new take on it.”