New York-based Nielsen launched Nielsen Homescan Consumer Moments. This new offering, which will be available to U.S. clients in the fourth quarter of this year, leverages mobile application technology to create a new and powerful consumer market research tool, the market research firm says. For marketers, the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Moments will offer a visual, interactive digital dashboard, revealing a complete view of consumer eating and drinking habits. This new service will link to Nielsen’s Homescan Panel purchase behavior data to bridge behavioral patterns of purchase and consumption, it adds.

Nielsen Homescan Consumer Moments is powered by an easy-to-use mobile Product Diary that captures consumer habits and product usage behaviors in real time. With this tool, panelists will be able to report consumption behavior in-the-moment, offering a real-time approach to marketers who have been limited to chronicles of recalled activity, the market research firm says.

The mobile application is the result of close cooperation between Nielsen and Boston-based Mobee, a real-time crowd-sourced data and insights company.

“Mobee’s platform, which supports the industry-leading crowd-sourced in-store data collection for retailers, brands and asset management firms, was built specifically to collect offline data in-the-moment and on-the-go,” said Anand Raman, vice president of Business Development at Mobee, in a statement. “This easy-to-use smartphone application is built on Mobee’s enterprise-ready cloud-based architecture with intuitive SaaS solution-driven features, including smart text and contextual text, to capture in-depth, structured and accurate consumption data from participating users..”

Janice Linnane, vice president of Product Leadership at Nielsen added: “Mobee’s technology brings consumption data collection to a completely new level. With the ability to capture data on-the-go, anywhere and anytime, Nielsen Homescan Consumer Moments will be able to deliver insights beyond purchase data to help identify distinct consumption habits down to occasions, need states, meal times and more. Through the use of mobile technology, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of the full experience and situations surrounding consumption.”