Like many others, I spent my Memorial Day weekend camping. During the trip, I tried as hard as I could to push work out of my mind, and relax for a work-free weekend. However, at several points throughout my trip, I couldn’t help getting excited about the several beverage-related things I noticed. Everything from a street named Budweiser Avenue to centerpieces made from beer jugs and flowers caught my eye.

The longer I’m with Beverage Industry, the more I’ve noticed consumers’ loyalty to brands. At a small flea market in Wisconsin, I came across one example that really hit it home. It was impossible not to be drawn to the lights from D&J Creations’ booth of decorated bottles. Bottles from brands ranging from Jager to Pepsi were re-purposed for use as household decorations.

This reminded me of when I was in college. No matter whose apartment you went to, it was inevitable that a line of empty alcohol bottles lined the top of the kitchen cabinets (mine were decorated with multi-color string lights for some added pizazz). However, bottles aren’t all that get repurposed.. Consumers collect corks to create household decorations. At one point, I even remember collecting colored can tabs and using them to make jewelry.

 It’s certainly interesting to see how consumers repurpose packaging from their favorite brands to decorate their homes, restaurants or other establishments. These trends can play a role for beverage-makers when considering the importance of their packaging. Packaging not only draws a consumer to the product on the shelf, but if a consumer sees another purpose for that package, they’re also more inclined to buy it. Do-it-yourself projects have become a trend that beverage companies can capitalize on with the right packaging choices.