King Juice Company, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisc., proud producer of Calypso-flavored Lemonades, Limeades and Teamonades, has announced a partnership with Lemons of Love (LOL), Des Plaines, Ill., a charity organization that delivers Chemo Care Packages to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. LOL was founded by Jill Swanson, a cancer survivor who underwent chemotherapy treatment in 2014. Lemons of Love’s care bags are hand made by volunteer stitchers and contain special products that were essential in Swanson’s healing during her own cancer treatments, the company says.

Lemons of Love is based on the well-known expression, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” but with a twist, “When life gives you lemons, laugh out loud,” – giving greater meaning to Lemons of Love’s “LOL” acronym. Given Lemons of Love’s lemon theme, and lemonade’s universal association with happiness, lemonade has been one of the centerpiece items in LOL’s care bags since the charity’s inception. Through their partnership, Calypso Lemonades will become the lemonade provider to Lemons of Love, and each Lemons of Love Chemo Care Package will include a bottle of Calypso Original Lemonade, it says.

“King Juice is a company that believes deeply in Lemons for Love’s mission. As a lemonade category leader, we feel that this partnership is a great fit, and we are proud to have Calypso Lemonades associated with the Lemons for Love charity,” said Tim Kezman, president of King Juice Company, Inc., Calypso Lemonades’ parent company, in a statement. “Jill’s passion for this cause is inspiring, and we are thrilled Calypso Lemonades can assist Lemons of Love in its quest to help cancer patients.”

“The purpose behind Lemons for Love is to bring smiles to people’s faces, and that’s what a Calypso Lemonade does,” added Swanson in the statement. “We are thrilled to have Calypso Lemonades as a partner as we try to fulfill our mission of bringing happiness to more and more people going through the tough and challenging process of cancer treatment.”