Skyy Vodka, a brand of San Francisco, Calif.-based Campari America, launched Skyy Barcraft, a line of cocktail-inspired vodkas in Watermelon Fresca, Margarita Lime and White Sangria varieties.

These 60-proof flavored vodkas are designed to deliver a quick, flavorful and authentic drink experience that takes the guesswork out of crafting flavorful and sophisticated cocktails at home, the company says. Consumers can simply mix one part Skyy Barcraft with two parts club soda over ice to create an at-home cocktail experience similar to ones found in bars and restaurants, it notes.

“We have seen cocktail culture evolve in the past few years with a big focus on craft cocktails,” said Otis Florence, Skyy Vodka’s international mixologist, in a statement. “This has naturally led to consumers wanting craft cocktails at home but without the multiple steps and hard-to-find ingredients. That’s where Skyy steps in, hacking a full-flavored cocktail experience using only two ingredients: Skyy Barcraft and club soda. Barcraft is a testament to Skyy’s commitment to quality and a pioneering approach to answering a consumer need.”

Skyy Barcraft Margarita Lime delivers the tangy-sweet taste of a Margarita without having to slice a single lime; White Sangria captures the Spain alcohol beverage without wine or a trip to the fruit stand, and, Watermelon Fresca allows the consumer to experience the taste of watermelon all year long, the brand says.

“Skyy Barcraft is the next step in flavored vodka, said Christine Moll, category marketing director for vodka at Campari America, in a statement. “Consumers want to bring craft cocktails and the elevated bar experience into their homes. But, they are also seeking convenience and simplicity. We're answering this need for more interesting flavor profiles and filling a white space in the premium vodka category with Skyy Barcraft.”

Without needing additional bar equipment or the skills of a seasoned bartender, Skyy Barcraft is providing the at-home cocktail enthusiast the ability to enjoy mixology in their home.

As part of the launch of Skyy Barcraft, the vodka brand is partnering with do-it-yourself (DIY) lifestyle experts, including Brit Morin, of Brit + Co., an online community that provides tools to teach, inspire and enable creativity. Morin’s eye for design and simplified approach to entertaining complements Skyy Barcraft’s premium drink experience to take the guesswork out of crafting flavorful and sophisticated cocktails at home, it says.

Skyy Barcraft Margarita Lime, Watermelon Fresca and White Sangria will be available in 50- and 750-ml bottles as well as 1-liter bottles for a suggested retail prices of $18.49 for a 750-ml bottle.