Heineken USA, White Plains, N.Y., unveiled BrewLock, its patented new on-premise technology that transforms the quality, consistency and environmentally sound delivery of draft beer, the company says. The BrewLock draft beer system is designed to consistently provide a freshly brewed beer taste in an easy-to-install format, it says.

The BrewLock keg is a patented, double-wall 20-liter keg made of 100 percent recyclable PET plastic. The beer lives in a bladder inside the keg, protected by the PET shell. Instead of using a blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen to dispense the beer, BrewLock uses a small, customized air compressor that exerts pressure in the area between the shell and the bladder, pushing the beer through the draft lines untouched to ensure a perfectly carbonated beer every time, the company says.

“Heineken’s patented BrewLock system relies on natural atmospheric pressure versus propellant gasses,” said Patrick Libonate, director of on-premise commercial marketing for Heineken USA, in a statement. “Unlike traditional draught systems, no outside elements ever touch BrewLock beer. Air, light, carbon dioxide and mixed gases are kept out of contact with the liquid, providing customers with a truly great draught beer experience every time.”

BrewLock kegs are easy to install, significantly lighter in weight than steel barrels, and are horizontally stackable when not in use, resulting in a smaller footprint in the cooler, the company says. In addition, they provide a nearly 100 percent yield, supporting customers’ profit margins, it notes.

“BrewLock kegs are not only cost effective, but they are 100 percent recyclable, reducing the accounts’ carbon footprint immediately,” Libonate added. “Our revolutionary new BrewLock technology eliminates nearly 50 percent of all draught system failures and provides a brewery-fresh taste consumers desire every time — the way the brewmaster intended it to be.”

BrewLock is shown to drive trial, and initial account results led to a 23 percent increase in rate of sale, the company reports. BrewLock is available in select markets in both Heineken Lager and Newcastle Brown Ale kegs. For information about BrewLock, visit www.brewlocksystem.com or contact your local Heineken USA distributor.