Total Happiness Naturals, a brand of TH Herbals U.S. Inc., introduced five new flavors in time for summer. The drinks feature gac fruit, also known in Southeast Asia as the red melon, according to the company. Scientists have determined the gac aril contains nutrients such as lycopene and beta-carotene, it says. The five new blends of fruit juice and ready-to-drink teas are Gac Fruit Vision Boost: Blackberry, Gac Fruit Energy Boost: Wild Passion, Gac Fruit Healthy Heart Boost: Persimmon, Gac Fruit Protein Power: Mango, and Centella Cooling: Mint & Lemon.

TH Herbals U.S. Inc., Austin, Texas
Telephone: 707/824-0119
Distribution: Select markets
Ingredients: Healthy Heart Boost Persimmon: herbal infusion, passion fruit juice, persimmon fruit juice, organic raw cane sugar, phytogac, chicory root fiber, acerola powder, natural flavors.