London-based Little Miracles will be expanding its line of organic teas blended with superfruits to the United States.

Available in Lemongrass Tea and Ginseng, Black Tea and Peach, Green Tea and Pomegranate, White Tea and Cherry, and soon Rooibos Tea and Elderfolower/berry, Little Miracles teas contain Panax ginseng.

“These days, consumers expect more than just refreshment from their beverages,” said Bob Groux, U.S. chief executive officer of Little Miracles, in a statement. “They want added value, particularly in terms of health and vitality. Little Miracles blend carefully selected Panax ginseng in its purest form with high-quality, organic teas and superfruits like acai berry and pomegranate for a powerhouse beverage.”

Panax ginseng has been associated with immune system benefits, combating fatigue, improving alertness, memory and concentration, as well as increased stamina and stress reduction, the company says.

“Our customers want to feel more vital and productive without the jitters and crash you get with many so-called energy drinks,” Groux said. “Our teas were developed with consumer health and well-being in mind. Panax ginseng is an ancient secret of traditional Chinese medicine that provides the best kind of natural vitality.”   

Little Miracles teas are free from artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. All blends are sweetened with organic agave and are 90 calories or less in each serving. The teas are packaged in 11-ounce re-sealable bottles.