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Aiya America added two new flavors, Rooibos and Black Tea, to its Zen CaféBlend tea collection. The tea powders are blended with pure cane sugar, and when added directly to hot or cold milk, create a smooth, creamy, and healthful latte or smoothie, the company says. Rooibos Zen Café Blend tea powder, also known as “red tea,” is made from South African Rooibos plant’s leaves and is known for its low caffeine and high antioxidant content. The Black Tea Zen Café Blend mixes exotic premium Indian Darjeeling and Assam black teas and lends a flavorful sweet taste to hot or cold beverages. Aiya’s Zen Café Blend bags contain 180 grams of powder and retail for $9.80 for a 180-gram bag, which is equivalent to 12 8-ounce servings, through the company website as well as other specialty tea websites.


Aiya America, Torrance, Calif.
Telephone: 310/212-1395
Distribution: National
Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, premium tea leaves