SodaStream International Ltd., Airport City, Israel, announced a commitment to shift its focus toward health and wellness and highlighting the importance of hydration in a healthy and active lifestyle.

As part of its renewed corporate focus, the company commissioned insights consulting firm Northstar, New York, to conduct a survey to gauge consumers’ attitudes toward water. The survey found that although most Americans know water is essential for good health, 40 percent still choose other beverages to quench their thirst, with 14 percent choosing carbonated soft drinks, 11 percent opting for tea, and 10 percent selecting flavored water. However, survey respondents noted that they would drink more water if it tasted better (35 percent), had flavor (28 percent) or had bubbles (8 percent) as well as if they knew about the health benefits of drinking water (31 percent).

The results of this survey validate the company’s new positioning to make water more exciting, it says. In fact, driving consumers to drink more water, more often, as part of a healthy lifestyle, will be the goal of SodaStream marketing and advertising campaigns and brand partnerships for the remainder of 2014 and 2015.

“At SodaStream, we make water exciting,” said Scott Guthrie, Americas General Manager at SodaStream, in a statement. “We believe our home-carbonation systems that create sparkling water drive consumers to drink more water. SodaStream recognizes the beneficial role water — whether still, sparkling, or flavored — can play in one’s life so we’re eager to support greater consumption of it.”

The survey also will be used to inform a forthcoming study, done in partnership with celebrity fitness and wellness trainer Kathy Kaehler, tracking water consumption behaviors in U.S. households.

“Your body needs enough water to carry out vital functions and help you perform at your best, but as this survey shows, most people choose non-water beverages as a thirst quencher,” Kaehler said in a statement. “While these results reveal a lack in water consumption across the country, they also show that with SodaStream’s unique ability to add excitement to water through bubbles and flavors, we can get closer to closing the gap between how much water Americans do and should consume.”