What do you get when you mix a sparkling beverage with an antioxidant infusion? You get this month’s winner of Beverage Industry’s September Readers’ Choice Product of the Month poll.

Readers logged onto www.bevindustry.com between Oct. 6 and 17 to cast their vote for their favorite new product that was posted on the website during the month of September. With 36 percent of the vote, Bai Brands LLC’s Bai Bubbles emerged as the winner. Like the original Bai5 line, Bai Bubbles beverages blend antioxidants from coffee fruit with exotic fruit flavors and natural sweeteners but add an effervescent spin. Launching in the fourth quarter of 2014 in the New York City metropolitan area, Bai Bubbles will be available in the following seven flavors, each of which pays homage to some of the world’s renowned coffee-growing regions: Bolivia Black Cherry, Peru Pineapple, Gimbi Pink Grapefruit, Waikiki Coconut, Jamaica Blood Orange, Indonesia Nashi Pear and Guatemala Guava.

Readers also were impressed with Consequent Vodka, which obtained 26 percent of the vote. Sunny Delight Beverage Co.’s Sparkling Fruit 2O and Penthouse Libido Libations and Whiskey Tequila Fusion tied for third with 9 percent of the vote. Additionally, Luminary Red Blend and Somrus tied for fourth with 6 percent of the vote.  

We love to see all the readers who take the time each month to vote for their favorite new beverages. Don’t miss out on the October poll, which will open at 9 a.m. Eastern time on Nov. 5 and close at 4 p.m. Eastern time on Nov. 19. We will announce the winner in the Nov. 25 edition of the Beverage Industry Insider e-newsletter.