As the “Field of Dreams” saying goes, “If you build it, he will come.” Beverage Industry gave those words their own spin when it launched its first monthly new product poll to let readers tell us what was their favorite new product. Garnering 31 percent of the votes and taking the honor for April was American Born Moonshine.

A brand of Nashville, Tenn.-based Windy Hills Spirits, American Born Moonshine is available in Original, Apple Pie and Dixie varieties.

Original contains 51.5 percent alcohol by volume and is made from corn, sugar and water; Apple Pie contains 41.5 percent alcohol by volume and is made from corn, natural apple and cinnamon flavors, and caramel; and Dixie is made from corn and natural tea flavors.

Voting for the poll took place between May 5 and 16 on Visitors were asked to vote for the new products that were posted on between April 1 and 30.

Additional new products that curried favor with readers included Hornitos Black Barrel with 20 percent of the vote, Sugar Island Coconut and Spiced rums with 10 percent of the vote, Purple Passion wine-based cocktails with 9 percent of the vote, and Strongbow Gold Apple and Honey & Apple hard ciders with 8 percent of the vote.

To vote for your favorite new product posted on in May, check back on June 5 for the new collection of contestants.