New York-based Pernod Ricard USA, a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard SA, announced that its Kahlua brand has joined forces with Academy Award-winning actor Jeff Bridges to release "The White Russian," a Kahlua Productions short film honoring the classic cocktail.

"The White Russian is one of the most popular classic cocktails, and it's seeing a massive revival right now, so to work with Kahlua on this project is great timing," Bridges said in a statement. "As a short film entirely inspired by a simple classic cocktail, this story is creative, enigmatic and beautifully shot."

"The White Russian" short film was directed by Ivan Zacharias and is about the unlikely meeting of two men from different worlds, as told by a man reminiscing about his past adventures. With a few surprise characters and plot twists, present-day Bridges narrates the unusual adventure all while sipping a White Russian cocktail at a bar.

The debut of "The White Russian" film represents a return to the brand's heritage in the world of classic cocktails, the company says. The film also marks a new global creative look and feel that has been created for the brand given its long history in films. As the key ingredient behind one of the most popular classic cocktails, and as a point of conversation for many pop-culture moments, the brand is on a crusade to inspire retro experiences and drinking occasions.

"There are few classic cocktails that resonate as powerfully across generations as the White Russian made with Kahlua, and we wanted to partner with a fellow icon like Jeff for this film to showcase the importance of a timeless classic," said Brian Mequet, vice president of rum and liqueurs for Pernod Ricard USA, in a statement. "'The White Russian' was born out of a deep and longstanding appreciation for the classic cocktail, and Jeff's partnership in this project drove it home for us."

"The White Russian" will debut Sept. 9 in Hollywood with a private screening hosted by Bridges and on The film will be supported online via a series of static and dynamic digital content to be posted across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and offline through retro experiences for fans across the country.

To learn more about "The White Russian" film and the collaboration with Jeff Bridges, follow the hashtag #KahluaWhiteRussian and visit or