KHS Everywhere

KHS USA Inc. released its new KHS Everywhere app for Apple devices. The app is designed to facilitate secure communication with all KHS lines and machines equipped with the new ClearLine human-machine interface operating system. Through the app, users can check the status of a machine and view additional details such as pressures and temperatures, current counter readings, and the container types being run. In order to ensure maximum security, the server links up with a smartphone using VPN technology or secure wireless networks and requires a user name and password to log in. To use the new app with KHS machines, the following requirements are needed: network technology that provides signals from lines and machines, a link to the company’s in-house network, and a KHS Everywhere server. The software itself can be downloaded like a regular app for Apple devices with iOS operating system version 6 or higher.

KHS USA Inc., 880 Bahcall Court, Waukesha, Wis. 53186; 262/797-7200;


Optimizing flow

Gebo Cermex’s ER50 robotic product-collating and packing solution brings to market two major advances for products that cannot or should not be accumulated, the company says. Its brand-new robotic flow management software makes the solution versatile, while 3-D printing of tooling results in lighter tools that are quicker to fit, it says. In addition, easy conveyor infeed and the option to equip the machine with a vision system adapted to products arriving in a random manner supplement these two innovations, it adds. Overall control is based on software that manages a range of algorithms that permanently optimize flow management. In order to maintain performance at the required level, the system automatically switches from one algorithm to another — for example, from gripping products that are equally distributed between robots to a compensation mode, such as “Take What You Can” (TWYC). For the 3-D-printed tooling, a laser applies polymer powder layer by layer to create a part designed on the screen using computer-assisted design software. This allows tooling to be created in a single block, which is particularly suitable to address flexible products and for economic optimization. In addition, the use of polymers instead of metal lightens the gripping head by half or two-thirds, depending on the application.

Gebo Cermex, 5-7 Rue du Commerce, 67116 Reichstett, France; 011/33-388-183-880;


Craft beer labels

To accommodate the growing craft beer industry, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials has expanded its craft beer portfolio with eight new label constructions, including a semi-gloss paper with a wet-strength additive that delivers added protection against peeling and tearing, to help various craft beer brands stand out on the shelf. The enhanced portfolio now consists of paper and film materials with adhesives that stay on surfaces with heavy condensation, giving brewers the freedom to employ unique label shapes and the dynamic printing and finishing capabilities enabled by pressure-sensitive technology, the company says. Brewers also can benefit from faster changeovers, reduced waste and easier clean-up associated with pressure-sensitive labels, it notes. Plus, the labeling material features a wet-strength additive that improves peel and tear resistance, keeping labels intact after being submerged in an ice bucket or cooler, it adds.

Avery Dennison Corp., 207 Goode Ave., Glendale, Calif. 91203; 626/304-2000;


The power to control

Spirax Sarco introduced its new SX80 and SX90 processor controllers for its steam system solutions. The SX80 is a low-cost and flexible temperature controller that offers accurate process control. It provides universal process input and output, making it a versatile controller for multiple applications, the company says. The SX90 has been developed for processes that demand a high level of functionality with multiple inputs and outputs. It provides universal input, three logic inputs, a remote set point, a potentiometer input, two analog outputs, a valve motor drive output, and three relay outputs. Furthermore, the SX90 supports as many as five recipe programs, ramping and Modbus RS485 communications. Both the SX80 and SX90 feature power transmitters for auxiliary instruments, eliminating the need for extra equipment and wiring, it says. In addition, both controllers display configurable scrolling text messages to keep operators informed of current plant conditions and to simplify menu navigation and commissioning.

Spirax Sarco USA, 1150 Northpoint Blvd., Blythewood, S.C. 29016; 800/575-0394;


Forklift accessories

Beacon’s line of forklift accessories is designed to boost the efficiency of a new or existing fork truck while also increasing overall job safety, the company says. One option for outfitting a forklift for more specialized tasks is to use the BRF series of fork roller conveyors. Equipped with dual roller cartridges for quickly
placing and retrieving heavy loads, these mechanical forks have weight capacities between 2,200 and
6,600 pounds. They are ideal for use with pallet and pallet-less shipping systems, such as corrugated bundles, slip-sheeted items, bulk sacks and flexible intermediate bulk container bags. For safeguarding transported goods, the company also offers its BVFP series of fork blade protectors to help protect items from damage caused by sharp fork edges. The protectors can slide over existing forks and are held in place with a steel cable, covering unsightly forklift scratches and scrapes. In addition, the Beacon BFC series fork caddy makes it easier to transport forks to and from fork trucks with easy installation and removal. The fork caddy offers two 3-by-1-inch swivel casters for smooth rolling as well as a 180-degree rotating, comfort-grip handle for easy maneuvering.

Beacon Industries Inc., 12300 Old Tesson Road, St. Louis, Mo. 63128; 314/487-7600;


Caught on camera

High-speed video is an important tool for precisely identifying error sources in processes and eliminating them; however, until now, the recordings that facilitate this comprehensive process analysis were limited to a few seconds at a time, according to Mikrotron GmbH. To overcome this limitation, the company released its new MotionBlitz LTR3.0 and MotionBlitz LTR4.0 portable long-time recording (LTR) systems to record and analyze long-running processes at high speeds and eliminate error sources. The systems combine a high-resolution camera with extremely high frame rates. Fast transfer via the CoaXPress interface allows for recording times up to 60 minutes in length. This enables the user to precisely record each moment of a process in detail and gain important insights by analyzing the footage using the playback function. The small-sized cameras with 3- or 4-megapixel image resolution can be installed directly where they are needed in confined spaces and record data in real time at rates as high as 900 frames a second in full-HD mode and up to 35,000 frames a second at reduced resolution. The communication, camera control and power supply can be controlled from as far as 32 feet away via a single coax cable, creating a flexible and efficient recording solution, the company says.

Mikrotron North America, 12172 Caddy Row, Ste. 100, San Diego, Calif. 92128; 858/521-0496;


Dressed for safety

PolyConversions Inc. added two new colors to its lineup of personal protection gowns. In addition to its blue, white, clear and yellow colors, the gown line now is available in red and pink. The variety of colors enables facility managers to color-code employees based on the production areas in which they work to provide order and prevent cross-contamination, the company says. The long-sleeve gowns are made of polyethylene material that has been successfully tested under American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F1671 Bateriophage Penetration Resistance. The material also is designed for easy tear-away for quick removal as well as easy recycling, it says. Compared with imported gowns, Polywear Personal Protection Gowns exhibit better physical properties including higher tensile strength, greater elongation (stretch before breakage), and better tear resistance, the company notes. In addition, the gowns also feature a waistband tie to secure the back of the gown as well as thumb loops to secure the gown under safety gloves. The personal protection gowns are available in dispenser and bulk put-ups in regular, large and extra-large sizes.

PolyConversions Inc., 505 Condit Drive, Rantoul, Ill. 61866; 888/893-3330;


Stacking up and racking up

Orbis Corp. expanded its Stack’R pallet line to include an array of options for supply chains in a variety of industries and applications. The new range includes the 40-by-48-inch Stack’R LD pallet for stacking up to 30,000 static pounds; the 40-by-48-inch Stack’R MD polypropylene pallet for racking; and the 40-by-48-inch Stack’R HD polypropylene pallet designed to rack up to 3,000 pounds. The entire Stack’R family is 100 percent recyclable and has been manufactured to withstand a variety of temperatures and harsh environments within the food, beverage and agricultural industries. In addition, the reusability of the Stack’R family also gives customers an economic and environmentally conscious alternative to single-use pallets that is highly cleanable for use in all types of food and beverage processing plants. The Stack’R pallet family’s smooth, non-porous design does not absorb moisture or odor and protects products from damage caused by nails, rust or splinters that can occur when using corrugated pallets.The all-plastic construction ensures dimensional consistency and repeatable performance in automated systems or high-rise racking. All three pallets are available with an open or solid deck. The open, flow-through design creates a hygienic solution for food, beverage and agricultural applications, while the solid deck creates an alternative hygienic solution for customers who do not have access to pallet washers.

Orbis Corp., 1055 Corporate Center Drive, Oconomowoc, Wis. 53066; 262/560-5000;


Next-generation shopping

The majority of shoppers agree that self-help technologies improve their shopping experience, according to Motorola Solutions Inc. To meet these consumer needs, the company offers the MC18 Personal Shopper for retail channels. Stores can set up a display of charging stations for the personal devices, and registered shoppers can pick them up on their way into the store. As they make their way through the store, shoppers can scan items as they add them to their carts. Then, the shoppers can visit an expedited check-out lane to finish and pay before taking their groceries home. In this way, the MC18 device facilitates faster shopping and checkout experiences, the company says.  The MC18 features a 4-inch, high-resolution display that is easy to use and navigate with pinch-and-zoom capability, which provides easy viewing of shopping lists and promotional items, it says. The devices also are equipped with Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology that enables the retailer to push relevant, real-time discount coupons and suggestions for complementary purchases based on where the shopper is in the store. Motorola personal shopping devices already have been installed in more than 2,000 stores globally, accounting for nearly 1 million transactions every day. Retailers using this solution have reported as much as 30 percent increases in basket sizes as well as real-time visibility into what consumers are buying.

Motorola Solutions Inc., 1303 E. Algonquin Road, Schaumburg, Ill. 60196; 847/576-5000;