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The Patrón Spirits Co. released a line of higher-proof Roca Patrón tequilas produced using the rare tahona process, which uses a 2-ton stone wheel hand-carved from volcanic rock (roca) to slowly crush the cooked agave to break the bonds of fiber and release the agave juice, the company explains. From there, both the juice and the agave fiber are placed together into wooden fermentation vats for 72 hours and then distilled in small-capacity, handmade copper pot stills, it says. This process results in tequila that is sweeter and earthier with distinctive notes of roasted agave and higher alcohol content than the core Patrón line, it adds. Roca Patrón tequilas are available in Reposado, Silver and Añejo varieties with 42 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), 45 percent ABV and 44 percent ABV, respectively. The tequilas have suggested retail prices between $69 and $89 for a 750-ml bottle.

The Patrón Spirits Co., Las Vegas
Telephone: 702/262-9446
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