Maxwell House, a coffee brand of Northfield, Ill.-based Kraft Foods Group Inc., is redefining its 121-year-old brand to re-ground America in what is truly good about coffee, the brand says. As consumers seek products and experiences that are described as “awesome,” “amazing,” or “incredible,” Maxwell House is aiming to make itself more relevant to a new generation of coffee consumers by reminding people just how good “Good” is, it says.

In line with this, Maxwell House debuted new packaging graphics, a new logo and several new product varieties, all supported by the new campaign, “Say Good Morning to a Good Day.” This campaign emphasizes the benefits that come with starting your day with a good cup of coffee and brings back its “Good to the last drop” tagline to reinforce this message, the brand says.

“More than ever, Americans have embraced coffee as a routine part of their lives, so it made sense for us to re-introduce people to what a good cup of coffee can do to kickstart a good day,” said Chris McClement, senior director of Maxwell House, in a statement. “The brand’s refreshed look and feel is meant to complement our evolving portfolio — from our traditional roast and ground varieties to our newer single-serve format — appealing to a broader group of coffee drinkers.”

As part of the brand renovation, Maxwell House will roll out new packaging in canisters in the coming months. These packages will showcase the brand’s signature blue color with a concentrated emphasis on the well-known coffee drop, a nod to the original line from Teddy Roosevelt in 1907 when he proclaimed Maxwell House Coffee was “good to the last drop,” according to the brand.

In addition, the multimedia marketing campaign will include TV, print and other digital efforts that feature the brand’s “perking pot” jingle that was released in 1959. These ads are meant to inspire coffee drinkers to be their own champions of progress and encourage them to start their day off on the right foot, no matter how small the step, the brand says.

The campaign also aims to introduce coffee options that appeal to existing consumers as well as new millennial consumers. In March, Maxwell House added two new flavors — The Original Roast and Master Blend — in single-serve formats to allow consumers to enjoy the coffee in a variety of ways, the brand says.