Oakland, Calif.-based Numi Organic Tea has partnered with Mississauga, Ontario-based Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee Inc.’s RealCup brand to present Numi’s tea blends in a single-serve format.

Numi's blends are created with organic and Fair Trade-certified teas and herbs from around the world using fuller-leaf teas and 100 percent real ingredients. Numi is committed to supporting a healthy, thriving global community through organic ingredients and sustainability practices, it says.

Numi has been eager to enter the single-serve business and chose to partner with RealCup because of their shared company values of innovation and quality, said Numi Organic Tea Co-founder Ahmed Rahim. RealCup single-serve capsules feature a FlavorMax filter that is designed to allow more of the essential oils into the cup, ensuring a more flavorful experience, the company says.

"I was impressed by the taste delivered by a RealCup capsule," Rahim said in a statement. "It was clear to me that the superior taste from the carefully chosen real ingredients used in Numi Organic Tea's blends would be found in the teacup and not left behind in the capsule."

Joe Navin, general manager of strategic alliances for Mother Parkers, added in a statement: "We are excited to welcome Numi Organic Teas to RealCup. Organic and premium quality teas are a yet undeveloped channel in single-serve, and we are thrilled to be pioneers in this effort along with Numi."